Based out of Dayton & Cincinnati, Ohio, Nice.Marketing is a team of consultants versed in the application and the integration of advertising, marketing, sales training, video, branding, and consulting. If you are looking to grow your business, at any scale, give us an opportunity to sit down with you and discuss how we can begin producing results. Contact us now to set up your free 1 hour consultation!



Nicholas E. Schmidt - Creative Director, Co-Founder

Nicholas is a University of Dayton graduate with a wealth of experience in digital design, branding, and marketing content creation. He boasts a client base of Fortune 500 companies, Automotive brands, Non-Profits, Universities, professional athletes, signed recording artists, and product/technology start-ups. He is well versed in visual communication, with experience as a graphic designer, commercial director, director of photography, and videographer.

"(Nick) was also helpful in terms of utilizing the details and guidelines we provided for him, while respectfully offering his own design or ideas to help improve each project. Based on his work, we would rank him as the best graphic designer that we have ever had."

Anthony Muñoz, COO, Anthony Muñoz Foundation


Ian C. Mathews - Marketing Director, Co-Founder

Over the last 10 years, Ian has developed a vast knowledge for Marketing & Advertising opportunities in nearly every industry. Ian used the Automotive Industry as his platform to grow, and has since worked with a wide array of industries including Culinary, CNC/Job Shops, Entertainment & Nightlife, Manufacturing, and Transportation. Ian enjoys speaking on industry changes and ways business can use current trends to be ahead of the curve.

"Ian has utilized his high understanding of targeting data and market knowledge to form solutions that have been highly successful.  His ability to utilize all available tools to tell a compelling story to in market consumers is second to none.  He has a strong commitment to winning strategies for his clients and one that I value on a consistent basis.” 

Ralph Meyer, Automotive Digital Specialist, Enquirer Media


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